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Through Real-Time Data & Value-Based Methodologies

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A product for the exchange of data sources for clinical and financial efficiencies


An offering to facilitate value-based care reimbursement methodologies


Leverages healthcare analytics in a value-based approach to balance risk and healthcare expenditure while keeping high quality patient care a top priority








Why Healthcare Data Analysis Matters For Providers & Patients

Mitivate evaluates patient, claims, and other clinically-generated data so providers can identify crucial variations, resolve financial inefficiencies, and offer higher quality service. By simplifying healthcare payment model systems, we also help patients better understand their care.

Healthcare Management needs an update

Traditional healthcare revenue cycle management can fall short. Historical approaches to the revenue cycle add value but fail to leverage data to drive financial sustainability for providers in a time of crisis.
Furthermore, resources are not aligned with respect to social determinants of health. Healthcare and health plan providers know they should provide better patient outcomes but are under pressure to cut costs and prioritize short-term revenue.








Mitivate Creates Outstanding Outcomes

Mitivate leverages real-time data and value-based methodologies alongside high-quality healthcare data analysis in order to create the best possible outcome for both parties.

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