Mitivate is your end-to-end healthcare data management solution

Mitivate evaluates patient, claims, and other clinically-generated data so providers can identify crucial variations, resolve financial inefficiencies, and offer higher quality service. By simplifying healthcare payment model systems, we also help patients better understand their care.

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We help create outstanding outcomes and build trust between patients and providers by streamlining healthcare data management and optimizing healthcare payment models. As a result, providers can more easily understand their data and correct errors as needed. Thus, inefficiencies are removed, healthcare data analysis is improved, and high-quality healthcare is more achievable than ever. Learn more about our three innovative products below.

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Align is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product for the exchange of data sources for clinical and financial efficiencies.

Align is a fully integrated, clinically focused data warehouse that ingests, validates, normalizes and integrates clinical and claims data from disparate sources into a unified enterprise data asset. Organizations can use our solution to capture, organize, integrate and analyze clinical data, claims data, financial outcome data, financial recovery information, medical charts/notes, outcome metrics, member engagement surveys, patient risk information and voice of the customer surveys.

Align is the only solution that delivers a consolidated, integrated patient view across payers. This unified view can help you provide better care and achieve operational efficiencies. Align comprehensive data ingestion and validation capabilities, coupled with interoperability and standardization, to enable faster ADT creation and reporting, and mitigate reimbursement exposure.



Optimize is an PaaS (Platform as a Service) offering to facilitate value-based care reimbursement methodologies.

Optimize facilitates value based care agreements. Mitivate works in collaboration with trusted, high quality and forward-thinking providers that recognize the future of healthcare reimbursement. The Optimize platform streamlines treatment processes by removing administrative bottlenecks and financial uncertainties. We advocate for high quality health care options for each patient with a patient-focused delivery model.

We are a team of healthcare technology innovators and clinicians with a mission to provide the foremost in analytical services by creating an environment where providers can thrive within a financially sustainable healthcare economy. Our tech platform gives providers a streamlined data exchange process and real-time insight into the reimbursement process. Through collaboration with our partners, we provide a unique opportunity to improve revenue reimbursement and savings on accounts receivable costs.



Synchronize leverages healthcare analytics in a value-based approach to balance risk and healthcare expenditure while keeping high quality patient care as a top priority.

Synchronize connects patients to a highly proficient network of physicians eager to serve with naturally aligned goals of payers, patients, and providers. Additionally, as engagement matures, Synchronize provides a pathway for payers to share not only savings but also risk, leading to a more balanced and aligned relationship between payers and providers.

Synchronize recognizes and rewards providers for giving their patients the very best of care. With little to no disruption to existing processes, the Synchronize offering is easy to implement and maintain with regular adjustments as needed. Furthermore, Synchronize simplifies revenue collection through a focus on transparency, certainty, and timeliness of payment.

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